Water Proof Television

Water Proof Television

Waterproof TV is designed for wet environments such as the shower, bathtub, and kitchen. Designed to completely seal out water, the screen is comprised of high-end tempered glass with low iron content for a true color-correct viewing experience. The powder-coated stainless steel housing has been engineered with drip management in mind – with complete protection for electronic components. Don’t be afraid to turn up the heat. The TV screen acts as a defogger, so nothing will cloud your vision. After all, what’s a great bubble bath without your favorite soap?

The next kitchen appliance

Séura Hydra Indoor Waterproof TVs are uniquely designed to sit seamlessly within the walls of your home. So you can enjoy your TV in the kitchen without compromising your design or amount of surface space.

Your new favorite appliance. Your fridge may get jealous.

Get assistance from TV’s hottest gourmet chef as you cook. Keep a digital library of your recipes to reference any time. Watch the evening news while cleaning up after dinner. Get the kids to eat their cereal with their favorite cartoons. Catch up on weather and headlines as you pack lunch. Don’t miss a moment of the big game during your tailgate party. The reasons are endless – Séura’s Indoor Waterproof TV is the perfect solution for the kitchen.

Mess-proof. Kid-proof. Stress-proof.

Perfect for kitchen environments where family time often means a mess, Séura’s Indoor Waterproof TV can handle anything. Completely waterproof and totally smooth, the glass face is easy to clean. Spaghetti sauce, cookie dough, pancake batter – cleaning is simple with no grooves or channels for grime to collect. Protected by tempered glass and fully recessed into the wall, electronics aren’t vulnerable to stray toys or roughhousing that would mean the end of a traditional television. Rest easy knowing Séura’s Indoor Waterproof TV will survive your hectic lifestyle.

In-wall configuration. In-style solution.

Séura’s Indoor Waterproof TV’s in-wall design installs flush with the wall for a smooth, well-integrated appearance. The non-obtrusive design is conveniently out of the way to maximize work surface areas. The back box installs into a standard 2 x 4 stud wall. The television assembly locks into the back box, creating a beautifully sleek form. Seal the TV to the surface of marble, tile, plaster, or stone. For an entirely flush solution, integrate Séura’s Indoor Waterproof TV with a tile scheme and grout to the edge of the glass face. You’ll never use a stand or wall-mount for a television again.

Mirror Television

Mirror Television

Exodus Vanishing Vanity TV Mirrors are surprisingly magical. When on, the TV mirrors provide immediate access to news and media. When off, the television vanishes without a hint of its technical applications.


Exodus Vanity Glass puts mirror reflectivity first and television brightness second. Exodus Vanity Glass is designed to provide excellent mirror reflectivity while making it possible for a television placed within the mirror to completely disappear.

Transforming what's possible

Available exclusively for Séura mirrors, this elegant and functional timepiece offers the convenience of a clock in a futuristic presentation. The OLED display is illuminated in pure white that matches any décor. In sleep mode, the clock continues to maintain time while invisible. When you enter the room, the built-in motion sensor illuminates the digital time. After you leave, the time display elegantly fades away.

Switchable Smart Glass

Clear When Powered on

Switchable glass are the solutions offering the flexibility of returning the glass to a clear state.

Exodus Switchable Smart Glass

Exodus Switchable smart glass is a pane of glass that either contains a layer of electrodes within the glass. This type of glass instantly redefines environments, creating multi-functional spaces that can be designed to adapt to the changing needs of a wide variety of users. Anywhere that instant, switchable privacy may be sought or where daylight needs to be easily controlled, switchable glass are the solutions, all while offering the flexibility of returning the glass to a clear state.
Switchable smart glass products can be used in residential and commercial buildings alike. As architects and designers explore the boundaries of switchable privacy glass and turn conventional perspectives of glass on their head, it is expected that the market will continue to grow and expand into new and innovative uses of privacy glass. It comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and composition. Glass can be manufactured to meet your specific project’s unique specifications.


As briefly mentioned above, a common application of our glass is for shower/wet rooms and hotel bathrooms, providing stylish discretion for your customers. Switchable glass partitions are also very popular, allowing hotels to offer visitors the ability to segregate their room at will.
Our innovative battery-powered switchable glass door vision panels work exceptionally well in hotel room doors, providing constant privacy until the press of a button to reveal what’s on the other side. These panels remove the need for expensive and disruptive cabling work, as all the components are contained in a small unit, concealed within the door itself. A small modification to hotel rooms will return a huge advance in positive first impressions and your customer’s enthusiasm.


Switchable smart glass is the ideal solution for healthcare environments where instant privacy is required but germ-harbouring curtains or blinds want to be avoided. Our switchable glass provides a sheer and easy-to-clean surface facilitating hygienic actions whilst offering instant privacy when required.

Exodus Switchable Lead Glass

Exodus Switchable lead glass provides instant switchable privacy for an opaque, low iron crystal, laminated panel to become transparent with the application of an electrical current to an embedded layer of liquid crystal molecules.

How does the switchable glass work?

When the power is off the liquid crystal molecules are randomly oriented that scatters incident light and Smart Glass becomes opaque. When electricity is applied the liquid crystal molecules line up and the Smart Glass become clear. No need for blinds, shades, or curtains; control how much or how little daylight you want to let in, depending on the need at hand.

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Out Door Television

Elegant design meets best-in-class video performance in all weather conditions. From rooftops to balconies to poolside cabanas, Exodus Outdoor TVs enhance beautifully designed spaces and bring people together.

For shade

Shade Series

For Sun

Ultra Bright



Out Door Television

Exodus® Ultra Bright Outdoor TV is simply the best option for any outside area, even under direct sunlight. With its sleek design in sizes up to 86 inches, best-in-category picture quality, 2-year warranty, and optional 60W Bluetooth enabled Soundbar, Exodus Ultra Bright TVs are the clear choice.

The Best Out Door Television

The Largest And Sleekest Designs

Exodus full line of beautiful Outdoor TVs and Soundbars lend a modern aesthetic to any outdoor space.

The Best Picture Quality

Uniquely calibrated both for shaded and full sun applications, Exodus Outdoor TVs are the brightest in their class.

The Best Sound Solutions

Exodus audio engineers designed the full line of Outdoor Soundbars with up to three times the power of the competition's TV-powered speakers.

Best Warranty

Built to the highest quality standards, Exodus stands behind every product we build. Unlike the competition's 1-year warranty, Exodus s 2-year warranty offers twice the peace of mind.

Find the Outdoor Display for you

Product Shade Exodus Ultra Bright
Ideal Spaces Covered Patios, Shaded Decks, Cabanas Decks, patios, hot tubs
Mslp $2,499-$5,999 $5,999-$21,999
Display Size (Diagonal) 55 inch, 65 inch, and 75 inch 49 inch, 55 inch, 65 inch, and 86 inch
Operating Temperature -24°F to 104°F -40°F to 140°F
Optimal Viewing Temperatue 32°F to 104°F 32°F to 122°F
Operating Humidity Range 20–80% RH, non-condensing 10–90% RH, non-condensing
Waterproof Rating IP54 Rating IP54 Minimum Rating†
Isotropic Prevention Yes. To help prevent screen blackout High TNI panels help to prevent screen blackout

LED Vanity Mirror

Superior brightness, Endless design possibilities.

Bring abundant, bright and clean light into your bathroom design without adding additional fixtures. Smooth lines, unparalleled brightness, superior mirror reflectivity and a broad suite of customization options make lighted mirrors perfect for every design project.

Upgrade your mirror with custom design accents, technology adds or other functional benefits

Polished Bevel TV Technology Fingerprint Protection Coating
Custom Frame Custom Frame Tamper-free Security hardware
Custom Etching Design OLED Clock Safety Mirror Backing
Additional Ambient Lighting Non-Dimmable LED Nightlight
Light Diffusers Mirror Defogger

Superior mirror etching

Precise and scalable vector graphic Computer Numeric Control (CNC) etching process to ensure the lighted mirror etching perfectly matches the intended design every time. From custom patterns to logos to etched artwork, we have the experience, capability and passion to make your mirror truly unique and memorable. Etching is applied to the reverse side of the glass to keep the obverse surface free of debris, which allows for easy cleaning.

Mirror Defogger

Mirror Defogger works?

Exodus electric mirror defogger is applied to any normal mirror.The result is a crystal clear, fog free mirror. All of Exodus defoggers are manufactured under ISO-9001 system Control, Our defoggers are CE, UL, PSE, SAA, RoHS, IP54 approved. With High quality and good price.

Working Principle

EXODUS® mirror defoggers are adhesive heating pads, when installed onto the back of mirror. They provide heat energy, which transfers directly to the mirror, resulting in a warming of mirror surface. This gets rid of the mist. So every time you step out from the shower or bath, you no longer have to wait for the mist to clear before shaving, drying your hair or putting make up on.

Voltage: Input power: Average Temperature Rise: Thickness:
12V-24V, 120V-240V 2.0-2.5w/d m² 15-18 ℃ 0.4mm
Double insulated layers Self-adhesive backing

Mirror Defogger Features

Safe to use (CE, UL approval)

Easy to install

Low cost

Temperature is self-regulating

Other Advantages Over Normal Mirrors

- Prevents moisture damage to silver coatings
- Retains mirror in the place in the event of breakage
- Reduces need for cleaning



Installation Instruction

  • EXODUS Defogger is designed to be used as a bathroom mirror defogger only. Install in accordance with these instructions. Any other use is not recommended.
  • Installation is not difficult and conforms to standard industry practice. As with any electrical product, we do recommend installation be performed by a qualified person in accordance with local codes. Remember to disconnect power at the fuse breaker panel before installation.
  • The heating element of mirror defogger should never be cut or damaged. This will render the product useless. It cannot be repaired. Please take particular care over this point.
  • However you may trim the product so long as the actual heating element is NOT damaged, which is common for EXODUS oval and round series. Round and oval Defoggers should have excess adhesive backing material trimmed, but not closer than 20 mm from the electrical heating grid component
  • The power supply cable of the defogger should not be pulled or drawn forcefully in case of damage.

Fitting the Heater to the Mirror

  • Adhere the heater pad to the back of the mirror, NOT to the wall.
  • Always handle mirrors with care. Lay the mirror face down on a protective cushion/surface
  • The back of the mirror must be absolutely clean, dry and grease free.
  • Peel off the protection paper first in about 10cm width and fold the paper, adhere the heater with self-backing directly onto the back of the mirror, using towel or some other soft rubber to wipe the back of the defogger. In the mean time, rip off the protection paper to stick the defogger onto the mirror easily.
  • Ensure that there are no trapped air bubbles and that the heater is Positioned where you would like.

Magnifying Shaving Mirror

Magnifying Shaving Mirror

Séura Vanishing Vanity TV Mirrors are surprisingly magical. When on, the TV mirrors provide immediate access to news and media. When off, the television vanishes without a hint of its technical applications. Don’t settle for a traditional television that distracts from your carefully designed interior. Séura provides solutions that deliver high-performance technology you need, and the invisibility you want.

Wall mounted round light mirror

Design: wall mounted single side mirror with led light.two arms Size : D9.5" Fold : 3x, 5x,7x Voltage: 110V-260V used,battery or rechargeable battery Material: Iron, brass Color: Chrome, Gold, Bronze, Nickel,Brushed Nickel ,black etc. Function: fog free,LED light with color white,warm white and yellow can be changed Range: Hotel, bathroom, daily use Packng: neutral or color box












Luxury Room Amenities

The room interiors are a blend of French elegance & Indian culture with hardwood timber flooring, large bathrooms with oversized tubs & separate showers. The rooms also feature Wi-Fi Internet access, iPod docking station, a personal safety box, international newspapers & exclusive luxury amenities,.

Luxury Room Amenities

The room interiors are a blend of French elegance & Indian culture with hardwood timber flooring, large bathrooms with oversized tubs & separate showers. The rooms also feature Wi-Fi Internet access, iPod docking...

Club Millésime Rooms

A stay in the luxurious Club Millésime room gives access to the Lounge on top-most floor of the hotel, offering a panoramic view of Mumbai’s suburban skyline. The Club Millésime Lounge is an homage to the ‘Art de...

Upgrade to Junior Suite

The Junior suite offers elegant and spacious surroundings that blends the best of French flair with Indian inspiration. Sofitel’s trademark MyBed™, an all-feather bed combined with an extra light down...

Safe locker and Mini Bar


SA series of luxury Hotel Guest Room Safes

  • German Designed with International industry standards.
  • Lead Free.
  • 6-Digit Blue LED Display
  • Spring assisted opening
  • 3, 4, 5 or 6-Digit Pin Code Option
  • Resident Master Code
  • Master Code Unique to Each Facility
  • Memory of Last 100 Operations
  • Mechanical Override Option
  • Lockout After 4 Wrong Consecutive Attempts
  • 2 Solid Steel, Anti-Drill Rotating Bolts
  • 4 Standard AA Batteries
  • Low Battery Consumption
  • ADA Compliant Keypad
  • Wall mounted possible


Exodus sa 1
420 W * 370 D * 200 H - MM 11 KGS

Exodus sa 2
420 W * 370 D * 200 H - MM 11 KGS

Exodus sa 3
420 W * 370 D * 200 H - MM 11 KGS

Exodus sa 4
420 W * 370 D * 200 H - MM 11 KGS

Exodus sa 5
420 W * 370 D * 200 H - MM 11 KGS

Exodus sa 6
405 W*345D *175H 12 KG

Carpets ,Wallpaper,Curtains ,Hotel Furniture

With an idea of revolutionizing the furnishing and Fabric industry, AtoZ Furnishings was established in the year 1934 and thereafter, proved to be a pioneer in the same.We believe in the idea of a well-furnished and beautiful room and hence we are constantly working to provide you with services that add a luxurious touch to the comfort you require.