Mirror Defogger

Mirror Defogger works?

Exodus electric mirror defogger is applied to any normal mirror.The result is a crystal clear, fog free mirror. All of Exodus defoggers are manufactured under ISO-9001 system Control, Our defoggers are CE, UL, PSE, SAA, RoHS, IP54 approved. With High quality and good price.

Working Principle

EXODUS® mirror defoggers are adhesive heating pads, when installed onto the back of mirror. They provide heat energy, which transfers directly to the mirror, resulting in a warming of mirror surface. This gets rid of the mist. So every time you step out from the shower or bath, you no longer have to wait for the mist to clear before shaving, drying your hair or putting make up on.

Voltage: Input power: Average Temperature Rise: Thickness:
12V-24V, 120V-240V 2.0-2.5w/d m² 15-18 ℃ 0.4mm
Double insulated layers Self-adhesive backing

Mirror Defogger Features

Safe to use (CE, UL approval)
Easy to install
Low cost
Temperature is self-regulating

Other Advantages Over Normal Mirrors

- Prevents moisture damage to silver coatings
- Retains mirror in the place in the event of breakage
- Reduces need for cleaning



Installation Instruction

  • EXODUS Defogger is designed to be used as a bathroom mirror defogger only. Install in accordance with these instructions. Any other use is not recommended.
  • Installation is not difficult and conforms to standard industry practice. As with any electrical product, we do recommend installation be performed by a qualified person in accordance with local codes. Remember to disconnect power at the fuse breaker panel before installation.
  • The heating element of mirror defogger should never be cut or damaged. This will render the product useless. It cannot be repaired. Please take particular care over this point.
  • However you may trim the product so long as the actual heating element is NOT damaged, which is common for EXODUS oval and round series. Round and oval Defoggers should have excess adhesive backing material trimmed, but not closer than 20 mm from the electrical heating grid component
  • The power supply cable of the defogger should not be pulled or drawn forcefully in case of damage.

Fitting the Heater to the Mirror

  • Adhere the heater pad to the back of the mirror, NOT to the wall.
  • Always handle mirrors with care. Lay the mirror face down on a protective cushion/surface
  • The back of the mirror must be absolutely clean, dry and grease free.
  • Peel off the protection paper first in about 10cm width and fold the paper, adhere the heater with self-backing directly onto the back of the mirror, using towel or some other soft rubber to wipe the back of the defogger. In the mean time, rip off the protection paper to stick the defogger onto the mirror easily.
  • Ensure that there are no trapped air bubbles and that the heater is Positioned where you would like.