Superior brightness, Endless design possibilities.

Bring abundant, bright and clean light into your bathroom design without adding additional fixtures. Smooth lines, unparalleled brightness, superior mirror reflectivity and a broad suite of customization options make lighted mirrors perfect for every design project.

Upgrade your mirror with custom design accents, technology adds or other functional benefits

Polished Bevel TV Technology Fingerprint Protection Coating
Custom Frame Custom Frame Tamper-free Security hardware
Custom Etching Design OLED Clock Safety Mirror Backing
Additional Ambient Lighting Non-Dimmable LED Nightlight
Light Diffusers Mirror Defogger


Superior mirror etching

Precise and scalable vector graphic Computer Numeric Control (CNC) etching process to ensure the lighted mirror etching perfectly matches the intended design every time. From custom patterns to logos to etched artwork, we have the experience, capability and passion to make your mirror truly unique and memorable. Etching is applied to the reverse side of the glass to keep the obverse surface free of debris, which allows for easy cleaning.